LITIO 2.0 Customized patterns - Main and Branches

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Do you need to create your customized branch on a transition, cone or pipe?

With LITIO 2.0 you can make your own customized patterns with just some clicks.

Usually, such patterns are defined with a dialog and lots of input parameters.

But wouldn't be easier, if you could have its parts created as transitions, cones, or pipes, having them rotated into the 3D space to match your needs, and then just click on them to get the pattern created?.

With LITIO2 it is just like that.

Just start LITIO2, select this option [3D trim of 3d object with another 3D object], click on both entities, and you get the resulting 3D assembly, trimmed, and the developments [including the hole on the main].

You just need to click two valid entities (3D meshes created by Litio2) located in your AutoCAD/GStarCAD DWG's 3D space, so that the trimming object completely intersect the trimmed one.

Note: This pattern does not work with AutoCAD 3D solids.

Litio2 sheet metal for AutoCAD/GStarCAD - Customized branches
Pick two 3D objects, the TRIMMER and the one to be TRIMMED

Litio2 sheet metal for AutoCAD/GStarCAD
draw your customized branches

You can create ANY branch-and-leader pattern with LITIO 2.0.

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Advanced features case study:
How to draw customized sheet metal branches - a tangent cyclone

First, main and branch transitions are created. Afterwards, they are trimmed to get the resulting 3D object.

Thus, the 2D contour development of the trimmer including the intersection hole, and the development of the trimmed object are created.

Video shows all this process and photos of actual object.

We save a lot of design- and drafting-time. We are able to unfold even our complicated models. The development precision is very good. Outstanding value for money. It is a great software. Andeas Steffe
Hamburg, Germany

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