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Sheet metal related international trade shows in the 2nd half of September/23

Continuing on September international trade shows:

The conference unites executive leaders from mining, metals, chemicals, transportation and other hard-to-abate industries, to accelerate deep decarbonization, forge new cross-sector coalitions and deliver net zero on an industrial scale
Pittsburgh, PA (USA)
2 days

One of the leading events in China's industry market. Metalworking & CNC Machine Tool, Robotics, Industrial Automation, and much more...
Shanghai (China)
National Exhibition and Convention Center
5 days

Shanghai (China)
National Exhibition and Convention Center
5 days

Kazakhstan International Machine Tools and Metalworking Technology Exhibition
Almaty (Kazakhstan)
Atakent International Exhibition Centre
3 days

All-Asia Tube & Pipe Trade Fair
Bangkok (Thailand)
Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (BITEC)
3 days

Machine tools & tooling, metalworking, and advanced manufacturing
Toronto, ON (Canada)
Toronto Congress Centre
4 days

Stainless Steel World Conference & Expo
Maastricht (Netherlands)
Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre - MECC
3 days

Complete Manufacturing Exhibition. Engineering & machine Tools Industry
Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)
Ethiopian Skylight Hotel
3 daysLITIO - 2023-08-31
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Sheet metal related international trade shows in the first half of September/23

This next September will have lots of international activity in terms of fairs and trade shows.

For starters, at the very beginning of September, held simultaneously on the same venue in Mumbai, India, we have a series of sheet metal related expositions. These are:

International Exhibition on Cutting and Welding Equipment. Equipment, Consumables and Accessories

The Indian subcontinent's largest expo for sourcing quality Hand Tools, Power Tools & Fasteners

International Machine Tools Exhibition. An exclusive showcase of Machine Tools and allied products (new as well as pre-owned)

International Exhibition and Conference on Metal Production, Metal Processing and Metal Working & Allied Industries

Mumbai (India)
Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre (BCEC)
3 days

Other events during the first half of September 2023 are:

International Metal Tecnology Trade Show. Metal cutting machine Tools, Tubes, Semi-finished & finished products, and much more...
Jakarta (Indonesia)
Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo)
Sept. 2023

International exhibition for steel structures, tube and pipe, sheet metal, and metal forming
Cairo (Egypt)
EIEC (Egypt International Exhibition Center)
3 days

North America's Largest Welding, Metal Forming and Fabricating Event.
Chicago, IL (USA)
4 days

World Trade Fair for Welding Engineering - Joining, Cutting, Surfacing
Essen (Germany)
Messe Essen
5 days

I hope you can attend at least one of these events. More about the 2nd half of September soon!LITIO - 2023-08-24
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Unfolding the Benefits: Software Advantages

Traditionally, costly desktop software and CAD add-ons are used for sheet metal unfolding. However, our unfolding software is a (r)evolution in the field. This article explores its advantages over much pricier alternatives.

Advantages of

Cost-Effectiveness: Affordable subscriptions democratize access, benefiting small businesses and workmen.

Accessibility and Convenience: Perform unfolding calculations from anywhere with internet access, with any device (computer, tablet, smart phone).

Automatic Updates: No hassle with updates; software is always available to the latest version.

Reduced Hardware Requirements: Operates through web browsers, suitable for all devices.

Cross-Platform Compatibility: Compatible with various operating systems (Windows, MAC, android, etc.).

Easy Scalability: Quickly scales with growing project demands.

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive navigation for engineers or workmen of all expertise levels.

Reduced Learning Curve: Simple and straightforward features minimize training time.

Conclusion excels over traditional desktop software and CAD add-ons. Its cost-effectiveness, accessibility, constant updates, reduced hardware requirements, integration capabilities, cross-platform compatibility, scalability, user-friendly interface, and reduced learning curve empower businesses and workmen for efficient and productive sheet metal fabrication.

Sign up now and start making your patterns today.LITIO - 2023-08-15
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international sheet metal-related events, fairs and tradeshows for August 2023
Hi there!

Let's have a quick look on the international sheet metal-related events, fairs and tradeshows for this August 2023.

I hope this helps some of you find your next piece of equipment, customers or suppliers!

Indonesia International Exhibition for Steel Products & Fabrication Industry
Jakarta (Indonesia)
Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo)
Aug. 2023

Metalmechanic Fair
Serra, Espírito Santo (Brazil)
Carapina Centro de Eventos
3 days

International Metal Fabrication Technology & Machinery Exhibition in Vietnam
Hanoi (Vietnam)
I.C.E. Hanoi (Cung Van Hoa)
3 days

Indonesia International Welding Equipment and Consumables, Material & Services Exhibition
Jakarta (Indonesia)
Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo)
3 days

India Machine Tools Show
New Delhi (India)
Pragati Maidan
4 days

Manufacturing Exhibition. For everyone directly or indirectly associated with engineering & the machine Tools Industry
Colombo (Sri Lanka)
BMICH (Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall)
3 daysLITIO - 2023-08-07
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Unveiling Aluminum's Secrets - Four facts You Should Know

Today I will deal with Aluminum, which is not that popular as low carbon steel in sheet metal fabrication, but it is still a good choice to consider in lots of cases.

You need to know, that Aluminum is the world's most abundant metal, and holds significant importance in various industries. It is important to understand its unique properties in order to benefit from its potential.

Optimal Choice: 5052 Aluminum
For sheet metal fabrication, 5052 aluminum is often preferred over 6061 due to its availability in sheets and enhanced ductility. It reduces the risk of cracking during tight radius forming, hems, or offsets, making it the ideal choice.

Affordability and Versatility
Aluminum is cost-effective, as it is less expensive to buy in sheet form compared to other metals. Its rust-proof nature eliminates the need for additional coatings. Moreover, aluminum offers a wide range of finishing options, including anodizing and chromating.

Expertise Required for Welding
Welding aluminum is more challenging due to its high thermal conductivity and the oxide layer on aluminum alloys. Specialized equipment and expertise are necessary to achieve complete fusion during welding. Consider alternative fastening methods when efficiency and cost-effectiveness are crucial.

Gauges and Weight Differences
Aluminum follows a different gauge system (Brown & Sharpe Gauge) compared to steel and stainless steel. It is essential to understand the disparities in gauge measurements. Additionally, aluminum weighs approximately one-third less than steel, impacting the overall weight of your designs.

By familiarizing yourself with aluminum, you can maximize its potential in your projects. From choosing the right grade for fabrication to understanding its cost-effectiveness, versatility in finishing, welding complexities, and gauge variations, aluminum proves to be a versatile and valuable metal for a wide range of applications.LITIO - 2023-08-01
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Working with DXF downloaded from our online unfolding software page

In this post I will explain the layer organization of the DXF files you download from our online sheet metal platform. This will help you use the files in your sheet metal fabrication process: pattern cutting, forming (rolling, bending), and welding.

Layer 3D: for the Unleash the Power of Visualization
the '3D' layer contains the 3D representations of your finished patterns; this layer’s entities are 3D meshes in blue color, and they provide a visual preview of your final product.

Layer 2D: Unfold Your Precision Patterns
The '2D' layer is where you'll find unfolded pattern contours, ready for laser, oxy-fuel, plasma cutting. The entities in this layer are 2D polylines in black color. Use them for precise and efficient fabrication, bringing your sheet metal designs to life.

Layer 2Dref: Aiding Bending and Folding
The '2Dref' layer contains auxiliary lines to assist you in the bending and folding processes. These 2D meshes in red color, provide valuable guidance, ensuring accurate and seamless sheet metal shaping.

Layer Txt: Annotate and Document
The 'txt' layer contains all texts, annotations, and documentation. These are text entities in red color, with pattern names, calculation dates, user input parameters, settings at the moment of the pattern creation. This layer communicates vital information and specifications.

Layer Ref: Guiding with Point References
The 'ref' layer contains point references, cyan-colored; they acta as markers, for locating the centers of 3D piece ends and providing other useful references.

We will publish a video about the subject in our Youtube channel.LITIO - 2023-07-26
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Choosing the Perfect Hardware for Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication
Hi there!

When it comes to precision sheet metal fabrication, selecting the right hardware is key for achieving excellent results. With lots of options available, it can be overwhelming to navigate through the choices. In this post we will explore different hardware types commonly used by metal fabricators, to help make informed decisions.

In your fabrication projects, you may encounter various hardware components. Standoffs, for instance, are essential for precise spacing and positioning of components. These threaded fasteners help ensure accurate alignment and stability.

Another commonly used type is the PEM nut (by PennEngineering; they are also known as self-clinching fasteners or captive fasteners). These nuts are threaded onto other components like standoffs, providing secure connections.

Studs are threaded bars that are permanently attached to other parts, such as nuts. They come in different lengths and circumferences and are typically used in applications where stability is crucial.

When it comes to cable management, TY-D tie-downs offer a practical solution. These hardware pieces have a square body with an eye, allowing for the secure routing of cables and wires without the need for screws or adhesives.

For precise and secure panel attachment, panel fasteners are the go-to option. These screws, sometimes with smooth or knurled caps, are designed for smaller applications and have a low profile.

Choosing the right hardware material is also important. While steel hardware is often the normal choice due to its affordability, it may not be suitable for all applications. For instance, if you're working with aluminum or stainless steel, steel hardware may not provide the necessary durability or compatibility.

By carefully considering the application, hardware functionalities, and material compatibility, you can confidently choose the perfect hardware for your projects.LITIO - 2023-07-19
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our selection of International fairs for the sheet metal industry August 2023
Hi there!

Let us have a look at our selection of International trade shows and fairs related to the sheet metal industry for August 2023:

Indonesia International Exhibition for Steel Products & Structures, Sheet metal Fabrication, Roofing, Flooring, Industry & Metal Materials
Jakarta (Indonesia) - Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo)
Aug. 2023

International Metal Fabrication Technology & Machinery Exhibition in Vietnam
Hanoi (Vietnam) - I.C.E. Hanoi (Cung Van Hoa)
3 days

International Exhibition for Steel Construction & Metal Building Materials
Guangzhou (China) - China Import and Export Fair Complex Area B
3 days

Cambodia International Machine Tool & Automation Fair
Phnom Penh (Cambodia) - Diamond Island Convention & Exhibition Center
4 days

Indian Machine Tools Industry, engineering, automation and technological innovation
Hyderabad (India) - Hyderabad International Trade Exposition Centre (HITEX)
4 days

Indonesia International Welding Equipment and Consumables, Material & Services Exhibition
Jakarta (Indonesia) - Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo)
3 days

India Machine Tools Show
New Delhi (India) - Pragati Maidan
4 days

Complete Manufacturing Exhibition. Engineering & machine Tools Industry
Colombo (Sri Lanka) - BMICH (Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall)
3 daysLITIO - 2023-07-14
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5 Tips to Improve Your sheet metal fabrication Workshop and Boost Efficiency

Are you looking for ways to make your sheet metal fabrication workshop more efficient and productive? Here are five tips that can help:

Adopt the right mindset: To meet your customers' expectations and deadlines, you need to cultivate a mindset of constant readiness and quality assurance.

Define clear processes: Chaos can hinder efficiency, so ensure that every team member knows the processes to follow and adheres to them.

Embrace a sense of urgency: Time is a limited resource, so make sure everyone on your team understands the importance of taking the initiative to move projects forward.

Optimize the shop floor layout: A well-organized shop floor can help you avoid wasting time moving between stations, enabling you to focus on your work.

Choose the best equipment: Whether you're adding new capabilities or selecting from equipment you already have, choose the most advanced tools to maximize quality and speed.

By following these tips, you can improve your sheet metal fabrication workshop's efficiency and productivity, leading to better customer satisfaction and business success.LITIO - 2023-07-04
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3 Simple Ways to Optimize Material and Save Money in Sheet Metal Fabrication
Hello there!

When it comes to sheet metal fabrication, saving time and money is a priority for every shop. In this article, I will provide you with three simple tips to help optimize your material and get the most value for your money.

Fit more parts on a single metal sheet.
By adjusting part drawings to fit several parts on one sheet, designers can save time and reduce material waste. To achieve this, it is important to know the standard sheet metal sizes available and to leave a 5 to 10 mm clearance around each part. Additionally, it's worth noting that most cutting machines have an unusable dead zone at the smallest sheet metal size.

Match a large part to a small part.
To optimize sheet material, you can match a large part to a small part and use the remaining material to make another piece. Knowing the standard veneer sizes available will help you determine how much material will be left over.

Consider custom sheet sizes.
Non-standard sheet sizes may be a reasonable option if your part is smaller than the standard sheet sizes. For example, cylindrical tanks of a certain diameter that need a certain length of sheet metal (to be bent to the cylindrical shape). But, if you are dealing with a larger series, it may make sense to consider a custom size (even more so for expensive materials such as stainless steel or certain non-ferrous such as brass). By opting for custom sizes, you can save money and reduce waste.

In conclusion, optimizing sheet metal parts is crucial for reducing costs and increasing efficiency. By following these three tips, you can make the most of your material and time.LITIO - 2023-06-28
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sheet metal-related international fairs and events for July 2023
Hi there!

I am sharing with you the sheet metal-related events for July 2023:

International Machine Tools and Precision Engineering Event
Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam)
Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center - SECC
07/04/2023 - 4 days

Complete Manufacturing Exhibition associated with the engineering & machine Tools Industry
Nairobi (Kenya)
Kenyatta International Conference Center
07/11/2023 - 3 days

International Fair and Congress of the Metal-Mechanical Industries
Joinville SC (Brazil)
Complexo Expoville
07/11/2023 - 4 days

International Manufacturing Machinery, Equipment, Materials and Services Exhibitions
Surabaya (Indonesia)
Grand City Convention & Exhibition Centre
07/12/2023 - 4 days

International Machine Tools Exhibition
Qingdao (China)
Qingdao International Convention Center
07/18/2023 - 5 daysLITIO - 2023-06-21
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A Comprehensive Guide to the Operations of a Sheet Metal Fabrication Workshop

In this article I will provide an overview of the operations that can take place in a sheet metal fabrication shop. If we go by the natural order in which these would take place, we can start with cutting.

Cutting can be performed using a guillotine, manual or electric shears, or manual plasma cutting. The most advanced cutting methods involve the use of CNC machines such as plasma, laser, or water jet cutters, which allow for precise cuts and minimal material waste.

Another important operation is punching, which involves cutting parts and making holes in sheet metal using tools like hand punches, mechanical presses, or CNC punching machines.

Forming is the process of bending sheet metal to shape parts, and this is usually done using a press brake or turning for cylindrical or conical parts.

Hardware insertion is also an important step, which involves cutting a shape into the metal using a die and then inserting hardware into the hole, such as screws or bolts.

Next we have welding, which is defined as the process of joining metal parts with heat (by the partial fusion of the parts, with or without a filler metal). There are several welding methods, including MIG, TIG, spot, and resistance welding, etc.

Finally, finishing is the process of achieving the desired surface quality, which may involve grinding, polishing, sandblasting, shot blasting, and painting or anodizing, depending on the material.

In addition, assembly is the final step in which various sub-assemblies are set together to create the final product.

In summary, sheet metal fabrication involves a range of specialized operations, requiring skilled workers and specialized equipment. With precision cutting, forming, hardware insertion, welding, and finishing, sheet metal fabrication shops can create high-quality products for a variety of industries.LITIO - 2023-06-13
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Key Factors to Consider for Cost Control in Sheet Metal Fabrication

In this article, I will discuss the various factors that affect the cost of sheet metal fabrication. There are four key conditions that are essential for cost control in sheet metal fabrication.

The first and most significant factor is welding. Although the welding process itself is not expensive, there are additional costs to be considered. These include the preparation of the parts prior to welding, qualified personnel (welders), and the need for subsequent finishing operations such as grinding and polishing. Welding can also cause distortions that require additional labor to correct or avoid.

The second factor is the sheet metal itself. The global supply chain issues have made non-standard materials difficult to obtain and more expensive than usual. Therefore, it is recommended to use sheet metal and materials in stock to reduce costs and shorten lead times. Special sheet sizes should only be ordered in the case of large pieces.

The third factor is the application of paint, which requires proper cleaning of the parts for adhesion and a higher level of skill to apply. Sometimes powder coating is a better option than painting, as it is generally much easier to apply. Paint can also affect lead times, as it must be special ordered and takes time to dry.

The fourth factor is the need for special tools or dies to add ventilation slots or other special features. Procuring these can impact cost and manufacturing times. Therefore, it is best to redesign these features for the tools and dies available or standard ones that are readily available.

So, by carefully considering these factors and implementing cost control measures, sheet metal fabrication costs can be reduced and lead times shortened, resulting in a more efficient and profitable operation.LITIO - 2023-06-06
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New patterns on our online development software for sheet metal fabrication

We have added three new patterns to our online software for development unfolder for sheet metal fabrication.

Two more branches have been added and a new triple Y. The new patterns are:
• branch - one diameter - right angle
• branch - two diameters - right angle
• triple Y - symmetric - round - oblique

For the branches, the existing alternatives ['branch - one diameter – oblique' pattern and 'branch - two diameters - oblique' pattern] would also work for the 'right angle', if the input was A = 90°. Nevertheless, the new alternatives simplifies the input process, since these are patterns that are very frequently used in sheet metal fabrication.

The third one ['triple Y - symmetric - round - oblique'] is similar to the existing 'triple Y - symmetric - round' pattern, but instead of having the 3 top round ends in one plane, that is parallel to the X-Y plane, the new pattern has the 3 top ends at a right angle with the base-to-top axis. This pattern is completely new and cannot be produced with another one, with changed inputs.

We will be adding new patterns periodically.LITIO - 2023-06-02
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A basic guide to the selection of weld finish for sheet metal fabrication parts

After dealing with the quality of finishes of metal sheets in sheet metal fabrication, we need to also check weld finishes.

Again, the materials most commonly used in sheet metal fabrication are steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

It has no corrosion resistance, so most parts will be powder coated or finished with orbital sanding; so they usually don't require a premium weld finish; a second-class is the most commonly used.

Stainless steel
You can achieve any level of quality for stainless steel welds, being the first-class particularly impressive. This is an ideal choice for external parts or parts that require a cosmetic finish.

Considering coloration is crucial when selecting a weld finish. If necessary, the discoloration can be significantly reduced by upgrading a stainless steel part from a third-class finish to a second-class finish.

When it comes to weld finishes, aluminum is a versatile option that works well for all three classes. Aluminum is a choice of preference for welding due to its flexibility. It can be polished and grained to create a first-class weld finish; or just smooth it out a bit for a second-class finish; you can also leave it as is for a third-class finish with a raised appearance.

Moreover, you can anodize aluminum to achieve a smooth-looking finish. However, keep in mind that when it comes to aesthetics, stainless steel weld finishes generally produce more visually appealing results.

How to Determine the Best Weld Finish for Your Part
If you are unsure of the best weld finish for your sheet metal fabrication part, consider the following aspects:

Is the part internal? If so, a third-class weld finish will be ok.
Are you on a tight budget or schedule? A second- or third-class weld finish may be sufficient, as long as you don't need a refined, superior finish.
Will other finishing treatments such as anodizing, powder coating or orbital sanding be applied? Then, perhaps you do not need a first-class weld finish.LITIO - 2023-05-30
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