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What our users say about our CAD add-ons

I was looking for a program that can layout ductwork pieces quickly and easily and came across LITIO2 program. It is easy to use. Excellent value for what you get. Great program! Don Setzler
Monroe, MI - USA

I think LITIO2 is an outstanding product. It is perfect for the jobs I do. It is well worth the money. I think this is the best buy I have ever made as far as programs go. I would recommend it to everyone. Dean Rodriguez
Presidio, TX - USA

I use LITIO2 software to draw tapered cones (and other ductwork parts) to a flat pattern. I love the fact that I can control the points that the measurements I input are applied (in mid out). That is huge. () Litio2 is an incredible value and a very useful tool. You did a great job developing it! Herman Moats
Erie, PA - USA

I am a mechanical engineer specializing on airducts. I bought LITIO2 because it is useful to produce duct developments easy. It is cheap and it produces correct pieces. And it has good value for money ratio. Nikos Floumis
Avlona Attikis - GREECE

We bought LITIO2 for our sheet metal business for developing shapes to be cut out on our CNC Plasma cutter. We do a lot of square to round ducting, lobster bend ducting and cones. We like the simplicity of the software and the accuracy. The value for money is unbeatable, the time it saves is fantastic. Thank you! James Parker
Skipton - United Kingdom

We are able to get all what we needed out of the software. We use AutoCAD, so it is nice that the software works within that program. () Very good value for money! Great software! Todd Miller
Evansville, IN - USA

Great program. (It has) lots of patterns available. We reduced workshop time due to the precision and accuracy of LITIO software. We often have non-standard patterns and with LITIO2 we are always able to solve them. Steve Owen
Houston, TX - USA

We save a lot of design- and drafting-time. We are able to unfold even our complicated models. The development precision is very good. Outstanding value for money. It is a great software. Andeas Steffe
Hamburg - Germany

The program is ideal for a company that makes hoppers or Ys of different sizes and measures. And its price is very convenient. ... It is very easy to use: anyone with a notions of metalworking and CAD can handle it. ... I use it frequently and It always does the job for me. Alex Gamper
Jona - Switzerland

We purchased the LITIO2 software some years ago. And we were using this amazing software quite a bit and it is very useful. It comes in very handy for programming our 5 axis laser. Joe Abrahams
Vaughan - Canada