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Customized 2D sheet metal Profiles with LITIO 2.0

Do you need to calculate and draw the developement of a custom sheet metal profile?

In addition to the standard sheet metal 2D profiles available in LITIO 2.0, you can create your customized 2D and get the unfolded development with just some few clicks!

Picking a 2D polyline,
that defines the shape of the 2D profile

With LITIO 2.0 you can just pick a 2D polyline, which defines the profile form [either the outside, the central line or the inside: out/mid/in], to get your sheet metal profile in the 3D space and its 2D unfolded development.

Finished 2D sheet metal profile in plane view,
in 3D and the respective sheet metal development.

Furthermore, these 3D objects [the profiles] can be further 3D TRIMMED with a plane! or with a transition!

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