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Who we are; contact form; and some interesting links

Hi! This is Jay. I am the CEO of, the founder, and the lead programmer. I founded LITIO back in 2004.

I am a mechanical engineer, and I worked for several years at some metalworking companies as a CAD drafter and engineer. There I faced the problem of getting sheet metal developments of tanks, vessels, transitions, ducts, cones, hoppers, etc., and I started programing my first sheet metal solutions. I decided to start my own company and published my first LITIO sheet metal software.

After some years I entered the cellphone app business, but I decided to quit that market and devote all my efforts to CAD software.

Thanks to my business I had the opportunity to travel to different countries (Canada, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, China, USA, Chile, Malaysia, France, Brazil, Bangladesh, Dubai, Mexico, Hong Kong, Slovenia, UK, Belgium, Qatar, and some more).

(You can see some photos of my travels (and follow us) at our Flickr page).

Now I am working on a on-line-based sheet-metal-drafting solution, which is already available at page). presence on CAD Platform's websites:

LITIO 2.0 is listed...

  • at AutoDESK's Official Applications page,
  • at GStarCAD's Applications page,
  • at ZwCAD's Applications page, AND
  • at BricsCAD's Applications page.