Thank you very much for your purchase!

What comes next. Software delivery.


thank you very much for having purchased a license(s) of our software LITIO version 1.3.

You have already/will soon receive some notifications/email messages from BMT These will be your RECEIPT and your LITIO software registration record. Please keep this information.

The product information message contains the download links to the upgrade files.

  • First, download these upgrade files (a .zip file).
  • Then, unzip the file.
  • Finally, replace your existing litio.des and litio.zel (in your CAD SUPPORT folder) with the one provided in the .zip file you downloaded. (see also the readme.htm file).
    (NOTE: no other file needs to be changed nor updated.)

Kind regards,

Juan Mario

P.S.: Your purchase will appear as 'BMT Micro, Inc.' on your credit card statement.