Litio 2.0 sheet metal - quick start guide

Litio 2.0 works within AutoCAD and GStarCAD as an add-on/pluggin program.

At the moment of the creation of this page, Litio 2.0 works within:

  • AutoCAD (up to) R2021; starting with R 200X (and Mechanical Desktop 200X); only Windows versions.
  • GStarCAD 2016 onwards. Only Windows versions. Recommended: Professional version.

Warning: Litio 2.0 DOES NOT run in Academic, Lite, nor LT versions. LitioLAB was not tested with GStarCAD Standard. Please check LitioLAB 1.0 compatibility with your CAD system (feel free to run the TRIAL version).

Loading and running Litio 2.0 sheet metal

The program can be manually installed by placing ALL of the Litio 2.0 files in the SUPPORT directory of AutoCAD / GStarCAD.

To run Litio 2.0, you first need to load it into your current drawing session. For this type the following in your CAD's command prompt:

    (load "LITIO2")

Load Litio 2.0 sheet metal
in the current AutoCAD/GStarCAD drawing session

Then, to run the program just type:


Run Litio 2.0 sheet metal
in AutoCAD/GStarCAD

Note: The program needs to be loaded at every drawing session, in which you will use it. If you exit AutoCAD/GStarCAD and enter again, if you open an existing drawing or you start a new drawing, and you want to use the program, you need to load it to the current drawing session.

For more information check Litio 2.0 user manual and the following:

    AutoCAD users: Get your now!

    Or use the following secondary link,

    GStarCAD users: Get your now!

    Or use the following secondary link,

    or go to the downloads page.

Great program. (It has) lots of patterns available. We reduced workshop time due to the precision and accuracy of LITIO software. We often have non-standard patterns and with LITIO2 we are always able to solve them. Steve Owen
Houston, TX - USA

Short introductory and tutorial video

The following is a short introductory and basic tutorial video . It explains how to install LITIO 2.0 in your computer and how to load and run the program in your current AutoCAD/GStarCAD drawing session.

It provides an overview of the settings and configurations. And it concludes with an example development: the parameters and entered and results are got: 3D representation, 2D development and its cutting contour.